I’ve always liked the idea of kombucha and wished like hell that I could get past the taste of the stuff.  I never could.

Lucky for me the folks at G.T.’s Kombucha acknowledge that there are many of us out there who just can’t deal with the taste of fermented tea.

If you have issues with the taste of kombucha, try Synergy: Raspberry Chia Kombucha (also available in cherry and grape)

Besides the fact that the flavor has been calmed by infusing the tea with juice (there are many flavors by the same company that boast 95% kombucha and 5% juice), they’ve also added chia seeds.  Chia seeds are a fantastic way to get raw, organic omega-3’s, antioxidants and fiber instead of having to resort to supplements.

The thing that needs to be mentioned regarding the seeds in this particular case, it should be mentioned that the texture of the drink takes some getting used to.  Chia seeds in a liquid absorb quite a bit of the liquid and become something resembling tapioca pearls, though each is the size of what I would imagine caviar to be.  Though, I’ve never eaten caviar so I’m not sure.  The result is that the seeds are perfectly suspended in the liquid and don’t settle at the bottom.  Every sip has an equal amount of seeds and juice/tea.

I heart my chia kombucha.  You should try it.

Oh, and they have a facebook and a twitter if you’re interested in such things.